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"Okay, wow."


"No. I mean… uh, wow."

Avengers Assemble #05


who are you?
your ticket to the multiverse, princess.




Deadpool being heterosexual ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

nobody told me there was a gay dude in comic book world XD

how do the fanboys tolerate this?!

1- he’s pansexual
2- they don’t

I wish I was a little more toned up and a little less busty bc he’d be a hell of a lot of fun to cosplay!!!

well, that was different

Went to NY comic con today and now in pumped for the daredevil netflix series and spider verse too!


*awkwardly pretends to be a cool marvel blog*


ugh i’m actually really frustrated with how Amazing Spider-Man is going, like it had such a strong start in april but now it’s kinda getting stupid. And Silk, she’s soooo important and i wanna love her so much but the writers are reducing her to this animalistic pheromone thing with basically just sex on her mind? that’s so unfair to her i dunno like yeah she’s not totally sexual all the time but thats what makes her “important” and that pisses me off

I just… just wanted to be special… like you.

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